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An overdose of the trace element can lead to functional impairment and increased release or other unwanted side effects. For example, the excess zinc tends to reduce the level of cholesterol of high density lipid ( "good") cholesterol. Excess calcium - to phosphorus deficiency, and vice versa. It's time to get fit and start to take steroids! Excess of molybdenum reduces the copper content. Some trace elements (selenium, chromium, copper) toxic in excessive doses. So follow the above recommendations.

Once again, that trace elements and vitamins is even more important than nutrients, for without them the past will not be properly absorbed by the body. Steroids for sale increase your muscle mass and endurance. Pay attention to important detail!

Is it possible to achieve significant results without the use of steroids for sale?

Well, well - you might say - So how do we make a diet for the day, taking into account all the nutrients and vitamins? Drastically change your life with bodybuilding. Let's first look at a group of products to be included in it, taking into account the content of the components we need.

Note that the nutrient content of foods varies greatly. Steroids for sale have a positive effect on men older than 40. This is especially true of meat. For example, beef may be 18-20 percent protein, percent fat 2-17. Appendix 1 shows the composition of the main products: the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories and some other characteristics. Products that may have different compositions, marked with an asterisk in the table.

To avoid side effects of steroids for sale, do not increase the dose!

Now keep in mind that fat listed in the composition, are unequal in value. Vegetable oil is more valuable than animals (see. Chapter on food components). Carefully read the label and define what the fat contained in the product. The most popular steroid is testosterone and its analogues. Knowing this information, you can calculate the calorie ready meals, containing a variety of products (including water, if it is added in manufacturing).

The heat treatment also leads to product losses. If you are not sure whether to buy steroids for sale, consult with professional athletes. Thus, due to the expansion and various residues (scum, brown, etc.) lost 10 percent protein, 12 percent fat, 11 percent carbohydrates. Particularly wasteful broiling: up to 12 percent protein and 35 percent fat. While cooking a lot of fat from the meat goes into the broth (about 30 percent), but there is fall, and not too useful purine bases. Alas, to 55 per cent minerals remain in the broth. The smallest losses are in fire and steaming.

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